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Display Ads - The standard advertisements that appear among the editorial sections of a publication in (Black & White or Full colour) and is not grouped according to classification (as classified advertisements are). It normally employs illustrations and varying type sizes and bases its rate structure on agate lines, column inches, or fractions of a page.

Non Display Ads - These are advertisements that are grouped into categories or classes such as Classifieds, Announcements, Notices, Obituaries, Tenders, Change of Addresses and etc.
Genre : Computers and technology
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CHIP has established itself as one of the world's most prominent media brands with presence in more than 15 countries worldwide. Since its inception almost 30 years ago, CHIP remains the leading source for news, articles, trends and reviews of the latest in computing and technology. CHIP has...
Circulation: 22,000 Readership: 88,000 Cost (FPFC): RM 5,000
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Majalah PC
A magazine for those interested in technology, Majalah PC has all the updates and information on the latest gadgets in the market. It also covers software, new media and reviews on games that have just been introduced to the market. This magazine provides valuable information for users at home, work...
Circulation: 25,000 Readership: 60,000 Cost (FPFC): RM 2,500
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Majalah Tech
Majalah Tech is a technology magazine that is published fully in Bahasa Melayu. First printed in 2011, it has made great strides in reporting and expanding the reader’s breadth of knowledge and awareness on current info and issues of the technology world from all over the world, befitting wit...
Circulation: N/A Readership: N/A Cost (FPFC): RM 6,800
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Mobile Navi
Mobile phone is now part of everyday life. It has also become a fashion statement and is a necessity. If you want to know about the latest and most fashionable mobile phone, <Mobile Navi> is your first choice reading material. Its contents will outline all new mobile phone, benchmark the featu...
Circulation: 30,000 Readership: 90,000 Cost (FPFC): RM 3,500
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PC.com is more than a computer magazine. it was born from a cause; one that aims to inspire, to educate and to inform. setting itself apart by having 100 percent locally produced content, PC.com is the country's leading tech magazine and is positioned as the ultimate guide to the modern computi...
Circulation: 25,000 Readership: 80,118 Cost (FPFC): RM 6,800
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T3 Malaysia
Launched in June 2004 by Velocity Media Sdn Bhd, T3 is the world's leading technology-based magazines. T3 uses stunning photography and a powerful blend of news, reviews and features to bring its readers bang up-to-date with everything that’s happening in the fast paced world of consumer...
Circulation: 30,000 Readership: 120,000 Cost (FPFC): RM 5,500
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